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Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy BCST

BCST is suitable for all ages and it can help with all stress-related and traumatic conditions
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BCST is using a very gentle touch so that the baby can fully relax and discharge tensions in the most natural way. BCST can be helpful during pregrancy and after birth as well for the first months and years of the baby.

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Our modern lives are more demanding not only on ourselves but also on our children. General complaints are sleeping issues and problems to focus. Deep relaxation will help to restore the health of the child in short time.

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BCST is a healing technique that is responsive to chronic and acute conditions. It is commonly used for realigning the spine and helping with back issues yet it also can be very efficient with any stress-related health problems

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Sports injury

Sports injuries and car accidents often occur on joints in connection to strained muscles and ligaments. BCST can promote the release of trauma out of the damaged tissue so that the self-healing of the body becomes restored.

About biodynamic craniosacral therapy

"There is no movement without rhythm"

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a deeply relaxing bodywork for health and wellbeing. Using a gentle touch, the client can fully rest and relax while the body discharges stress and tension in a natural way. In BCST, the focus of the treatment is not only the symptoms presented, but also the entire body system of the client. This gentle but powerful approach releases tensions deep in the body, enabling the client’s self-healing to start. It is suitable for people of all ages, can treat a variety of conditions and is helpful in acute and chronic cases.

about Me

Dr. Barbara Weissenmayer PhD, BCST, IET, BCST pediatrics

Barbara is bringing BCST to pregnant women, babies, toddlers and adults. She has an academic background in sciences that blends well with her passion for wellbeing and natural healing. Barbara has been a Zen meditation student for nearly 20 years and studied four years of Integrated Energy Therapy in Switzerland before finding her home with the Craniosacral body work.

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