February 27, 2018

Babies and Mothers

Craniosacral babies and mothers








Because Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is so gentle it is often used to treat pregnant women, babies and mothers

To come into this world is often not an easy process. Whether it was a natural birth or needed some help babies usually hold a lot of strains and tensions in their bodies from the birth process. This can than develop into problems with digestion, being restless and crying a lot, or having issues to suckle properly. Craniosacral therapy is a simply yet very efficient treatment to help babies on their way into this world – for the benefit of the little ones and their families.

Pregnancy and motherhood is often also demanding in these times. Morning sickness. back aches, healing after the birth are some of the conditions which may arise. Craniosacral  therapy can be helpful in alleviating this distresses in a natural and gentle way.  

It can help mothers with

      • morning sickness

      • back pain

      • leg cramps

      • leg cramps

      • varicose veins

      • healing after Cesarean

      • postnatal depression

It can help babies with

      • suckling issues

      • cradle cap

      • reflux

      • gassy tummy

      • constipation

      • ear problems

      • premature birth

      • effects of Cesarean